With this project, we want to give several schools in Ghana computers, notebooks and equipment. We want to teach the teachers to give ICT in a good way, so that they can give the children the best lessons for the future.

For this project, we are searching private persons, employers, schools,... in Belgium who want to donate their computer-equipment for our project. This material will get a second life in Ghana.

We already had donations from several destinations: Jessa Hospital in Hasselt, Christian Mutuality, University of Leuven, a lot of flatscreens from Atlas-college in Genk, al lot of computers from De Wissel School in Neeroeteren, ...

Before shipping, the computers will receive a serious clean-up, swiping of all data and getting a new operating system (useful for Ghana). Every computer is signed op in a tracking-system, so the donator can follow its donation to the end of the proces (in Ghana). This computer-clean-up-work will be done bij LIV, a company in Zonhoven Belgium, that is specialised in it.

Climbing The Right Tree (www. climbingtherighttree.org), our partner for shipping, will bring all computer-stuff to TEMA Ghana. In Ghana, NGO Maxim Nyansa will pick up all the computers and they install class-rooms, teach the teachers,...