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Project Water4Senya

The principle project for 2020 in Senya Beraku for our organisation Ghana4You is to create an clean-water-project. In the light of the 2020-health crisis of COVID19, it seems more important than ever to have clean and fluid water.
So, we want to drill a borehole, install a pump and a treatning system to get potable water. It would be very nice if we can upgrade this project with fluid water for the sanitation in the school. 

Nowadays in Belgium we are busy to fundraise the money for this project; Sammy Koja Bekoe and some employees of NGO Maxim Nyansa (John, Stanley,...) are busy to write a proposal and to find out the best way to fix this project.

Computers4Senya Check

On friday 20th of March 2020 we realised our first realy project in the Shammah Jehovah School Complex! We are so happy that all our efforts are finally have results in real in Ghana. A fantastic ICT-room for the kids and teachers of the school.
Some students show their appreciations in a short movie.

Our activities


Support of the educational system

We try to restore school buildings, computer infrastructure, to finance school fees for children whose partens lack financial means, to improve quality of education.

Health care and prevention

Improving school infrastructure may have an immediate effect on health care prevention of the children. (filters for rainwater, more hygienic sanitary accommodation...) Counseling, treatment of wounds, health screenings... as well for children as for teachers and parents...

Stimulate practice of sport and games

Sport brings people together and improves health. Children learn a lot about how to behave while practising sports and playing games.

Searching for lasting employment

For children who wnat to do high school, but their parents haven't got the money; for children who want to learn a job, we could search possibilities or create new openings (say: maintenance of a guesthouse, keep a market, catering, farmhouse,...)

With Ghana4You we always follow the 17 lasting sustainable development goals of the United Nations 2030!

This is our story

Following our adventure in July 2019, where we have voluntarily helped in the Shammah Jehovah School in Seny Beraku, we want to start a sustainable project there. We want to create employment to the inhabitant population by opening a guesthouse. This initiative has to pay its way for 2 years and even more: generate income to open various projects fitting in our goals.  


Partners and Projects

Ghana4You has very good partnership with 2 organisations with many realisations in Ghana: SupPORT Ghana organises from Belgium a lot of activities en supports many project in the Kpando-region (Volta-region - Eastern Ghana). G4U has learned a lot of SupPORT-Ghana from the methods they use, the fundraising, ... and want to use this expertise to do similar projects in the region of Senya Beraku.

Luc Somers, founder of SupPORT Ghana visited Senya Beraku in the beginning of november 2019. He visited also the Jehovah Shammah School and talked with director (Daniel Bekoe), with the Headmaster (Gordon) and with the volunteers coördinator (Sammy Bekoe).

Senya is a beautiful place. Especially the fort, boats and the surfers on the coast!


EMO FOUNDATION is the Ghanaian NGO that takes care of the volunteers and students from Europe. Volunteers and students who wants to do projects in Ghana are in very good hands with them. This NGO tries to finance projects with money from sustainable activities like ghuesthousing, activities in tourism, catering,...

We want to say thank you to Kiewitfonds Belgium for their financial support for the WATER4SENYA-project. Kiewitfonds decided tho offer 3450€ (20.700Ghcedi!). With this money we want to drill the borehole and to buy a waterpump. 

We want to say thank you to CM Limburg for their financial support for the WATER4SENYA-project. With their money we want to buy a reverse osmosis- water treatning system!

We want to say thank you to out city, Stad Hasselt for their financial support for the WATER4SENYA-project and for the support on sensibilisation-fees. With their money we want to buy a water dispencer, fillingstation.

What now?

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